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Beyond the Fingerboard.


Learning to play your intrument is only the first step to becoming a musician. John offers theory tuition either included with guitar lessons with an instument focus or traditional theoretical study for exams, grades and university and college study. Many people view Grade 5 Theory as the industry standard and the knowledge gained from this study is invaluable in composition and when working with classically trained musicians.

Command of music theory opens doors, beyond the fingerboard. 

Chart Reading


Let John help you to train yourself to sight read chord charts and understand the links between each progression. From basic barre or open chords, to extended and altered chords, you wont just be learning what to play, but also improve your knowledge of WHY the chords you are playing sound correct and why they are named as they are.


This is a very desirable skill among professional players and can lead to orchestra or session work.

Aural Perception

Identifying and playing music by ear is a difficult skill to master, but an invaluable one to possess. As you begin to understand the relationships between keys and chords, progressions become more and more familiar and alongside study of chord composition and scales you slowly begin to pick up the ability to play by ear.


Again, for composers and MDs in industry, this ability is much sought after

Score Skills/Language of Music


This is the more traditional side of theory you may be familiar (and a bit afraid) of! Many people struggle with the "dots and lines" but if approached in the correct way, an understanding of the traditional methods of reading and writing music can really aid with college study or, again, composition.


As mentioned above, Grade 5 Music Theory is widely regarded as a requirement for professional work and certainly entry to Higher Education, and this skills John will teach will help you pass that exam with flying colours

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