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Put the Work in, Get the Grade you want!

Having been through the Musical Grades himself, John understands the satisfaction of your hard work bearing fruit. For this reason, he offers tuition with views to putting students through the grade system, be that for guitar of theory, contemporary or traditional boards. Each subject and board have thier own way of examining and with John's experience he can guide you on your path to attaining the highest mark possible.


As a former examiner for RGT, nobody knows thier way around the sylabus like John. From Entry to Diploma level, the traditional industry standard of guitarists has long been defined by RGT's methods and exams incorperate scales/chords with improvisation and chart reading, all of which you will be thoroughly prepared for of course.


RGT Website:


A more contemporary take on Guitar examinations, Rockschool gears itself at both scales/theory and performance where at each grade a number of set pieces are performed. Grades run as usual from 1-8 with increasing difficulty. Call today to arrange an assessment and see what grade suits you best

ABRSM & LCM Theory

The perfect supplement to any professional or hobbyist's arsenal, Theory grades demonstrate a commitment to the craft and allow for a holistic understanding of not just what you play but why it sounds right or is logical. Perfect for songwriters or music students to add to a CV.

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