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  Reading and Theory Classes   

Unlock the limitless potential that fully understanding your art brings. Turn yourself from a guitarist into a musician and explore the theoretical side of your craft. Lessons to in chord decomposition, scalic/modal work and sight reading will allow you to reach the next level of playing, or help you pass one of the many insustry standard theory exams.

 Electric Guitar Tuition    

From Beginner's Basics to Diploma level improvisation, Electric Guitar Lessons are available for all playing levels and styles, with a choice of accredited grade programmes from RGT and RockSchool too. Advanced ear training, sight reading and guitar based theory is also possible for rock/blues guitarists wanting to expand thier knowledge and command of the instrument.

Acoustic & Classical Guitar Tuition  

Begin your musical journey, or take it to the next level with accredited and professional classical and acoustic guitar lessons from an LLCM Grade 8 tutor. Both lead and rhythm training is offered and can be tailored to each candidate.

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